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Highslide JS Jac Bico

Leadguitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Sitar.

Jac Bico is well known musician in the Amsterdam area, scored some hits with "Tambourine" like "High under the Moon" in the 80's, wrote several TV tunes, and played and collaborated with allmost any respected dutch musician through the years.
Now starring on Bevel Emboss Celluloid with his extraordinary skills.

Highslide JS Louis de Wit

Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Composer.

Drummer of the Amsterdam based group "Van Dik Hout" which scored a monsterhit in Holland with "Stil in mij" in the 90's. Through the years Van Dik Hout sold over 350.000 albums. Bevel Emboss was launched when Louis started writing a number of songs that can now be heard on Emboss - Celluloid.

Highslide JS Bart de Ruiter


Bart moved to Amsterdam in 1985 where his life as a bass player began. During his university years he played in several bands and was part of bands playing in TV programs. He co-founded the poets society "Concordia". recorded and produced an album with it. The album was certified gold. He is living in France and owns a bed and breakfast accomodation.

Highslide JS Paul van Rijswijk


Paul van Rijswijk played in several Amsterdam bands like "Supersub" and "Bartales", has his own graphical design studio "Plan One" , picked up the drumsticks again after a call by Louis.

Special Guests:
Highslide JS Wouter Hakhoff


Wouter Hakhoff is a conductor, trumpet player and composer/arranger.
More information on Wouterhakkhoff.com
Highslide JS Patrick van Herrikhuijzen

Percussion, Mellotron, Organ

Patrick is a well known musician, remixer and songwriter in the Amsterdam area. Louis and Patrick play together in Van Dik Hout, so very little was needed to persuade Patrick to participate in recordings for Bevel Emboss- Celluloid.
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